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Comprehensive solutions suited for Your needs.

Mobile applications

The mobile world is growing faster than ever before. Let us skyrocket Your business with the best quality modern mobile applications.


Unity is a leading 3D engine both for desktop and mobile games and applications. We use it to succesfully implement top quality solutions at record speed.

Augmented Reality

Connecting virtual and real worlds, this cutting-edge technology let's You bring life into Your product. This is absolutely, positively and totally amazing. Don't take our word for it - see it for Yourself!

3D printing

Rapid prototyping and low scale manufacturing.
Yes - we do that too!

Task automation

Using modern technologies and some artificial intelligence we can automate Your repetitive, every-day work. Sounds time-saving? It is!

Web scraping

Machine parsing and categorization of web content can give You access to invaluable information. No more searching through thousands of sites!

Unity Asset Store

Middleware to help You build Your own apps.

Low Pass filter

Smoothing data tool

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